Every Korean drama has a villain. Whether it be the ex girlfriend/boyfriend or an actual rival, without them, the drama just wouldn’t be the same—even though you have the sudden urge to punch your computer screen whenever they show up. Here are some of those infamous characters who just piss you off whenever you see them in the drama.

Cain and Abel: Lee Seon Woo

Sibling rivalry done in a twisted way. Shin Hyun Joon plays Lee Seon Woo, the older brother (Cain), who plans the death of his younger brother because of his jealousy towards him. How far would you go for the one you love? Hopefully not as far as Lee Seon Woo. I get that his character was hurt by the fact that everything he wanted or loved was his brother’s, and I get that he had a horrible illness, but still, it doesn’t dismiss the fact of how evil this character is. I mean, I guess if the character of Abel, Lee Cho In played by So Ji Sub, was more malicious about it (the poor guy didn’t even know his brother had hate for him) then it would make more sense.

Personal Preference: Kim In Hee

Kim In Hee, played by Wang Ji Hye, wins the prize for the most hated person in this drama. I didn’t like this girl from the start. She betrayed Son Ye Jin’s character, Park Gae In, by stealing her fiancé. I mean, what friend would do that? And if that isn’t enough to mess up her friend’s life, she follows her throughout the whole drama and makes it an effort to ruin Park Gae In’s life. I swear whenever I saw her face, I knew something was going to go down.

A Man’s Story: Chae Do Woo

Kim Kang Woo plays his first villain role in A Man’s Story and let me tell you, he is amazing at acting like the creepy, good looking, revenge crazy manic that would do anything to bring down our hero in the drama. Kim Kang Woo plays Chae Do Woo, the mastermind of ruining the main lead’s life. And swear to God, whenever he appeared on the screen, I wanted to drop kick him in the face—despite his gorgeousness. He took everything away from Park Yong Ha’s character and at the end, didn’t even fully pay for everything he had done.

Smile, You: Seo Jung Gyung

The most annoying character in this drama was Seo Jung Gyung, played by Choi Jung Yoon. She had her chance with the lead character but brutally dumps him for another guy (and let me say: uglier and older). Then her younger sister falls in love with him and all of a sudden, she wants him again. Knowing that the lead male still has some feelings for her, she slyly tries to steal him away from her younger sister. Not only was she always in the way, but the actress, Choi Jung Yoon, played her role so dully. The character that Lee Kyu Han played did interfere with the relationship between the two leads but he was funny about it (I personally thought he was one of the funniest characters on the show, next to Lee Chun Hee). But Seo Jung Gyung was just a bore to watch and I feel as if she was angry at the world throughout the whole drama.

Witch Amusement: Yoo Joon Ha and Nam Seung Mi

You know those dramas where you wish everything was easy and that the two main characters didn’t have exs? Well that’s Witch Amusement for you. Whenever there was some kind of development between the two main leads, the two exs always intervened to make everything into a huge mess. What makes it worst is that the two exs don’t even have any redeeming factors in their characters. Kim Jung Hoon who played Yoo Joon Ha, Ma Yoo Hee’s, played by Han Ga In, ex lover, was just a huge jerk. He shamelessly used Yoo Hee for her name and status and wasn’t even trying to play the role of ‘nice guy,’ he was outwardly a jerk to her. Nam Seung Mi, played by Jun Hye Bin, was the clingy and nagging ex girlfriend that always showed up at the wrong time.

Temptation of an Angel: Everyone

Everyone in this drama were just idiots. Point blank. It took the family, who believed in any lame excuse for causing their “loving sons’” death, a good ten episodes to even get the hint that someone planned the death. And by the time they actually find out, the whole series was pretty much over. Lead actress Lee So Yeon who played Joo Ah Ran, the wife, was the only one who actually showed that she had some kind of brain in her head—and she was supposed to be the most hated character. Simply put, the drama could have cut about five to eight episodes off if the characters weren’t so stupid.

You’re Beautiful: Yoo He Yi

This is one of the clearest examples of “I hate her but without her, the drama wouldn’t be the same.” Yes, Yoo He Yi, played by Uee, is a prime example of a female dog, but she kept the drama going. I’m not going to lie, she made my blood boil just by the sight of her in any scene. Words can’t describe to annoyance I felt whenever she butted in and created some kind of problem. Too much anger.

Who is your most hated drama villian?