Everyone knows that a high waisted pant creates the most attractive of silhouettes.  The merits are obvious – it makes for an elongated leg, accentuates the waistline and safely tucks away possible muffin-top jean spillage by tightly wrapping said muffin top away from view (not that any K-Pop idol comes across this dilemma).  The greatness of the high waisted jean (or skirt, or trouser, anything!) is not even an opinion. It’s a fact.

Which is why I was deeply disturbed by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Septemeber 12th deceleration on the KBS show “Hello” that he dislikes high waisted pants on girls.  His remark only perpetuates the proliferation of girls wearing hip hugging low rise jeans.  The look isn’t always ill advised, it’s just passe and is being perpetuated by many K-Pop girl groups.

Despite the multitude of stars (like Hyuna who has a penchant for swinging her hips in lo-rise jean cutoffs)  there is a girl group who have shown the seductive nature of the high waist.  Let’s look at miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” outfits for an example of how the  high waist can be worn in its full glory.


Hopefully this picture makes the terribly misguided Eunhyuk relize the errors of his statement.  May the high waist reign and take over.

(TV Report)