Ever since Lee Min Ho’s relationship status with his City Hunter co-star, Park Min Young became official, this ancient picture of Lee Min Ho started circulating online.  The purpose of the picture, I presume, is two-folds.  First, to reveal his past relationship with VJ Danji, who’s three years Lee Min Ho’s senior.  Second, to remind us that Lee Min Ho’s charismatic looks are, in fact, man-made.

To be honest, I’m glad that this picture surfaced again because it reduces the pain of seeing Lee Min Ho coupled up with Park Min Young.  In fact, I now feel indifferent to Lee Min Ho, especially because of new eye-candies, Ji Sung and Jae Joong from Protect Your Boss.   Isn’t it great to watch a well-written drama with two good looking leads?  Can’t wait until I watch this weeks episodes.  My apologies, I couldn’t help but to digress.

So back to Lee Min Ho.  Did this picture change how you feel about Lee Min Ho?  If so, was it for better or for worse?