Dear Leeteuk,

Recently you left a message on your Twitter that was of some concern:

This has not been your first foray into leaving distressing messages; you’ve been known to leave prose and poetry of the dark variety on your Cyworld in the past.

Leeteuk, why are you worrying your Suju fans like that?  We understand the fundamentals – “all that glitters isn’t gold,” “fame isn’t what you think it is”, not to mention over a decade of undertaking the stress and responsibility of leading the pretty-boy juggernaut that is Super Junior. We also know of your group-mate Heechul’s imminent departure, and while one can understand your sorrow, it is clear all of K-pop will not be the same until Mr. Heechim returns.

However, perhaps your sadness comes from a different place. I looked up your biography and found out you are (28!) years old – and staring down mandatory military service as well.  Speaking only as one that has dealt with the symptoms and results of depression up close (if that is indeed what you are dealing with) perhaps that is exactly what you need. Military service is likely a welcome leave of absence from the craziness that is the entertainment industry. Sometimes one is so caught up in the mechanics of a constant day-to-day marathon, a reprieve into quiet meditation can help one finally focus on those questions lingering at the edge of your thoughts that you struggle not to think about because there are 1,657 more important things to do.

Not that you particularly need or asked for my concern, but considering the nature of your profession and the state of mental health care in Korea, messages like that ring alarm bells – and it is good that your fans feel that same concern.  It will be all right, it always is in the end – you only need to realize it. And for better or worse, you have thousands and thousands of fans supporting you for, well likely all eternity, so please appreciate them while you are here and healthy.

Hope you feel better and remember, it will be all right!