SNSD mixes cutesy, bubble pop with sinister undertones on the “Echo” track, but in the MV?

  • Just when you think SNSD is going to grow up, they start acting like prebuescent girls again.
  • Does anyone know where I can get one of these dresses?
  • Watching this MV gives me terminal diabetes.
  • Can someone get me a ticket to Phuket for my birthday?
  • Jessica shoving Sunny = regular occurence in the SNSD locker room.
  • Seohyun looks like she crimped her hair. And then had a whale swallow her.
  • Hyoyeon looks beautiful. BEAU.TI.FUL.

The MV is beautiful: the girls look great and Phuket looks great. But for a company like SM Entertainment, who has the funds and the gravitas, they have to start coming up with something better than “pretty idols prancing about in a pretty backdrop.”

P.S. Maybe this is just me and my Western prospective, but now that all of SNSD has reached adulthood, it’s kind of nauseating seeing them act this way. Especially since their Japanese activities have them going in a different direction.