Amber‘s androgyny has gotten much more interesting in f(x)‘s “Hot Summer.”

Amber is definitely one of the more interesting idols in KPOP; in an industry that boasts very feminine females, Amber breaks traditional gender roles. She goes beyond the traditional confines of womanhood and firmly plants herself in an area of gender representation that has always been reserved for males. There are some who would argue that it’s a cheap attempt at fame and attention–but can they really argue that she isn’t unique and interesting?

Regardless of her fascinating and popular presence in KPOP, Amber has consistently received little attention and focus in comparison to her band mates. I’ve always felt that this was due to SM Entertainment‘s GREAT experience with FEMALE rappers but with “Hot Summer,” things change. She receives significantly more exposure and on top of that, her exposure presents her in a more feminine light. You can hear her singing and see her front and center for f(x)’s feminine, and even, sexy, dance moves.

I think it’s provocative to see Amber beginning to embrace bits and pieces of both male and female roles and I definitely look forward to seeing more.

What do you think of Amber’s performance in “Hot Summer”?