The Greatest Love is a new drama from writing duo, the Hong Sisters, and they know what they’re doing, that’s for sure. They’ve updated with the times while still keeping to the classic drama structure. Rich guy, poor/unfortunate girl and a slew of funny side characters.

Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won are the heart of this drama. Gong Hyo Jin being a believable heroine and not a clueless, oblivious one is a refreshing change. Also, her being such a great actress elevates her leading lady role to that of equal standing with the male lead.

Cha Seung Won as Ddokgo Jin is charismatic and magnetic. Cha returns to his comedic roots in this role after a turn in spy drama Athena. Watching the decisions he makes in certain scenes to make it that much funnier shows that he’s a seasoned professional.

Yoon Kye Sang is adorable but a bit one note as Dr. Yoon and Yoo In Na is pretty much the same. I think it’s more down to the writing of their characters than anything as we’ve seem them both give good performances in the past.

At the end of the day there are still huge problems, the formula, the contrivances, knowing who’s going to end up with who from the beginning and etc. But I have three conditions if I watch a romance drama:

  1. It has to be a comedy
  2. It has to have at least one strong lead
  3. It has to poke fun at it’s own genre

The Greatest Love has that and then some. I’d recommend it for some light entertainment. It’s not life changing, but it makes me laugh and it makes me smile.