On May 23rd, at 1:44 PM, Korean Standard Time, MBC anchorwoman Song Ji-Sun committed suicide by jumping from her 19th floor apartment.

Death is sad. Regardless of the who, what, when, where, and why, death is sad.

But the hype and sensation that surrounds celebrity death is also sad. People die all the time and as tragic as it is, suicide, too, happens all the time. But without a celebrity status, these deaths, these suicides don’t receive nearly the same amount of press coverage. It suggests that though millions upon millions of lives are lost every day, unless you have a fan club, it’s negligible and unimportant. But does the amount of press coverage matter?

No–especially when it’s the wrong kind of press coverage. Instead of leaving the individual’s soul and family to peace, everyone falls into a frenzy, trying to analyze the person’s last words and actions, attempting to find an answer for shocked fans. That’s understandable, though. In suicide, all the people the person left behind, family, friends, in this case, even fans, all search for answers. As a public figure, the life of a celebrity is largely a public matter. But death is a private matter and one reserved strictly for the individual and the family and friends that made the person who they are. As those of you who have ever lost someone you care about know, this is too much. In times like this, the person and their family, need love and support.

Ji-Sun probably could have used love and support during her final days. And though I’m sure there are people in her life that would have gladly given her all they could have, sometimes it’s hard for someone, regardless of who you are, to ask for it. Sometimes an aching suspicion is a desperate truth. If you’re concerned for someone you know, follow your instincts. And if you find yourself in this situation, do not refrain from asking for help. Whether it is a close family member or a complete stranger, there is always someone who loves you and values human life enough to be there for you and give you what you need.

I encourage all SBers to take a moment today to think about all the people around them, all the people you have lost and all the people they have lost. Life is precious, regardless of who it is, and it should be remembered, respected, and honored. Remember the lives that crossed your path, respect the lives around you, and honor the one you have.

What are your thoughts on celebrity death vs death in general? Do fans and the media have the right to pry into a private matter? Is a celebrity death a private matter to begin with?