Look, I know it’s hard to satisfy TV watchers who constantly want more variety on television and bigger and grander TV pitches. I also know that when the concept of Kiss and Cry was pitched, it probably sounded like a very good idea. One of the best ice skaters in the world right now, super beloved by her own country? Doing a show with idols?! That’s just too good not to make immediately.

But after watching the first episode–specifically after watching Yunho moonwalk badly on ice–I made a face not unlike the one I usually make when I find out that yet another Fast and Furious movie is in production, to be released summer of 20xx.

First, I understand that ice skating is hard, and that these guys got to practice for about 2 months, so of course they’re not going to master ice skating.

So then my complaint is, how gimmicky is this show? This whole concept is too much like America’s Dancing With the Stars, and just as awful, but with ice skating. What this show lacks is the kind of Korean authenticity so successfully cultivated in shows like Infinity Challenge, Family Outing, or X-Man. Korean versions of American shows are always bland, because why watch modified versions of things when I can just watch the original American one, when they’re just as crazy and even more scandalous?

You can argue that Superstar K was fairly successful in the singers they produced and the hype surrounding it, but I really don’t need to watch a Korean American Idol. This is also why career dramas that are so clearly modeled after American counterparts are never as successful as the rom-coms and melodramas that the Korean TV industry is so good at producing.

In addition, I almost felt like this show is an insult to the all the ice skaters who have committed to years and years of their lives perfecting their craft. The press that’s come out of this whole hooplah have been ridiculously self-indulgent and not even about ice skating itself. Son Dambi talked about how she was trying to prove that she can do this because people think she coasts by on her looks alone. Umm…how about just perfecting what you debuted to do instead of thinking you can erase your inability to sing by practicing really hard to ice skate?

Your thoughts on this show? Love it? Hate it? Think I’m full of shit and that Yunho moonwalking on ice is the hottest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Let us know in the comments.