Well, not literally, per se, but close with what happens in the very random ending. Imagine a world without Big Bang. Or worse yet, imagine a world so bleak that there is no color-merely a muted, grayscale-esque somber cast over everything, with Big Bang “frolicking” in full emo-glory among hostel and gas station ruins…actually, don’t imagine that. Just watch the MV for “Love Song” and you’ll get an idea of what KPOP would be like without Big Bang (imho).


Is this what it will look like in the aftermath of the KPOPcalypse? If so, I want to make sure  I am stuck on that bit of deserted land with my boys…


The MV is shot beautifully, I think, the guys sound great (and look it too), but why, oh WHY, are we so sad? Apparently Big Bang has suffered some pretty rough breakups. I wish they had gone with a more whimsical MV with a setting among the stars and sky as mentioned in their lyrics, but alas, I wasn’t the creative genius behind this. Too bad.

I prefer the boys a little more smiley and a lot less doom-and-gloom.