And this time, it’s not a crappy, low quality audio.

Regardless of what I say, “Mr. Taxi” by SNSD will sell. And it will sell a lot. But again, regardless, that’s not going to prevent me from putting in my two cents.

For musical aesthetic:

  • The production is clean and high quality. Now, I know many of you might think that is to be expected of any professional studio track but “Hoot,” in my opinion, was pretty low quality.
  • The track is simple but it still maintains it’s catchiness. But catchy isn’t that strong of a musical badge of merit. I mean, wouldn’t you all say “Friday” is catchy?
  • Vocally, they all sound pretty solid. Taeyeon especially. She is the best vocalist out of all them but in this track, she sounds flawlessly.
  • The first part of the bridge is irritating. The second half has a nice harmonization however, that makes me forget about the first part.
  • The transition between the second chorus and the bridge is capable of singlehandedly ruining the song.
  • SNSD doesn’t use a lot of autotune. But this song uses autotune and just the right amount.
  • It is a bit generic.

For conceptual content:

  • Whoever said that this would be a rehash of the Run Devil Run concept should be eating green eggs & ham now because this concept is pretty legit. Instead of singing about how they’ll grant your wish or how they’ll find someone better than you, this song is about being amazing and you know what, I really appreciate that this girl group can sing about something that is not in reference to some guy or some relationship. If any of you are stuck on the whole MR. part, please investigate the various uses of metaphors.
  • Their Japanese isn’t great. But it’s better.
  • Yoo Young-Jin once said that he liked using words like “Supersonic,” “Loverholic,” and essentially, any word ending in “ic” or “tic” because it gave off a certain aesthetic sound. I understand that. His music is electronic, this song is electronic, and so naturally, he inserts words that will make the vocal part sound electronic. However, I will say that this trick is getting old. And once again, call me ignorant or whatever, but when you have the prefix hyper and the suffix tonic put together, I can’t help but LOL.

Agree? Disagree? State your opinions because we’d love to hear them.