f(x) comes roaring back to the Kpop scene reaching an ‘All Kill’ status topping all the charts with their comeback song “Pinocchio.”  If you haven’t yet heard the whole song or seen the MV, check it out here.

I’m not a huge f(x) fan, but I definitely like them better than some of the other rookie girl groups.  I’m disappointed in “Pinocchio,” while it has a relatively good beat it’s just another weird concept song from SM Entertainment that will be somewhat popular just because their f(x) (sometimes I really wonder what the SME song writers are smoking when they come up with these songs).  I liked the backdrops in the MV, Amber’s new look, and Krystal’s aqua metallic fringe shirt, but that’s about it.  I’m hoping their modernized-vogue-like move isn’t the new Kpop dance craze because that’ll be more ‘danger-ous’ to my love of Kpop than Luna’s studded jacket.  I don’t think this song will be as popular as “NU ABO,” but you never know with Kpop.

f(x) kicks off their comeback activities with their first live performance on KBS’ Music Bank.

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