There were a whole lot of comeback performances on the Countdown this week, so no fooling around!  On to the Countdown.

ZE:A makes a comeback looking a little bit sleeker with “Be My Girl.”  It’s a funky song- I like the drum beat in it, and their performance was good, but the choreo was not as clean as say, INFINITE.

And they go sweet with “Here I Am.”  The song is okay although a bit redundant and their choreo is a bit weak.  I do like the boys’ styling though.

LPG make their comeback with “Angry.”  I’d be angry to with that hair… aigoo.  The techno Charleston beat has been used before and with some of the great choreo that groups have nowadays a sexy little shimmy isn’t gonna get you far.

INFINITE is back with “Shot” and “Nothing’s Over.”  Any new groups coming out watch closely, this is how you do a solid performance with tight choreo.  It’s always a pleasure to see INFINITE perform, glad they’re back and other than a few notes that were off loved their performance- their clothes, not so much.

Kim Hyung-jun with “oH! aH!”  Although these are his first solo promotions, the SS501 maknae is no rookie and it shows.  Good performance.

Girl’s Day make their comeback with “Twinkle twinkle.”  Uh… the next time they see a star go twinkle twinkle they best be wishing for better songs, and choreography, and…  that is all (I don’t have all night).

Wheesung comes back with “With Me,”  I don’t get it myself, but I’m still not a fan.

and here he is with his title track “Words That Freeze My Heart” (aka Heartsore Story).  Hmmm,  yeah, still no.

Na Yoon-kwon with  “I Smile Because of You.  It’s a sweet performance.

Über hottie Kim Soo-hyun with his hit from the Dream High OST, “Dreaming.”  It wasn’t perfect, but it’s Song Sam-dong!!!!  A+.  I wonder if he was acting as a singer, or singing as an actor…

The Countdown winners were once again Big Bang with “Tonight.”

Other performers of the night included: Song Ji-eun, MBLAQ, Kan Mi-yeon, and Lee Hyun. If you’re interested in seeing these performances try going here.  Also, guess who’s coming back next week– soooo excited!