This week’s M!Countdown marked the entrance of Tony An and rookie actress Shin So-yool as the MCs and the debuts of G.Na‘s new song, Kim Hyung-jun’s solo efforts, and Big Bang.  Now, on to the Countdown.

First up G.Na with her new song “Already Miss You.” I like the simplicity of the performance for the love song. Not the best vocals I’ve ever heard from G.Na, though and whoever did her hair and make-up aged her a few years.

I’ve kind of been avoiding these performances of Jewelry because it’s totally not the Jewelry, I loved (and it’s not just because they’ve changed members). What happened to the Jewelry that sang songs like “Baby, One More Time,” “Rally,” and “Be a Rocker?” This song is too similar to Secret‘s “Shy Boy” for me to take Jewelry’s comeback seriously in anyway.

SS501 maknae makes his solo debut on the Countdown with two songs from his mini album “Girl” and “oH! aH!” Overall a solid performance from Hyung-jun– his styling however is still… at least he isn’t wearing the skirt.

Hae-ri of Davichi shows off her chops singing “Can You Hear Me” from the OST for the musical Tears of Heaven in which she starred in along with JYJ‘s Junsu– I’m guessing we’ll never be able to see a performance from Junsu on one of these shows.  A great performance from Hae-ri, her voice is crystal clear and she has got great control.

They’re back again, one more time… with “Tonight.”

A nice stage for Big Bang on the Countdown with “Cafe.” I can listen and/or watch this ALL day. Enough said.

There was also a special performance by Steve Barakatt with “I’m Sorry” who then he teamed up with John Park for “My Funny Valentine.”

The winner of the night….

Is it only me or was this performance better than the ‘real’ performance? I think I liked that it was just  what I imagine a concert performance would be like.

Other performances included: Kan Mi-yeon, Mighty Mouth ft. Soya, 5Dolls, Teen Top, and MBLAQ.