Many of you have been yearning for an original Japanese SNSD single. How does Mr. Taxi sound?

Though I could have sworn SNSD’s “Oh!” was the next plan of attack on the Land of the Rising Sun, it seems like SNSD is being original this time around. Recently, the cover of this rumored Japanese single, Mr. Taxi, was released. The song, which is set to be released around the 13th of April, is also rumored to be used for a Lipton commercial.

Real or fake, holistically, the girls look beautiful. Tae-Yeon‘s pose is striking but I can’t help but think that her skirt is a little too short. Tiffany is wearing my favorite dress but in this picture, she looks unrecognizable and I’m not sure I like the dress and shoe combination. Soo-Young tends to be styled a bit boyish but here, she looks very feminine; if only her eyes weren’t so dead. I like Seo-Hyun‘s shoes but beyond that, all I can wonder is why she has contorted her face like that and why she is so close to the middle. Jessica looks gorgeous and is styled very nicely but I do wish the light hit her face more attractively. Though those shoes look murderous, Sunny‘s looks fantastic. Yoona‘s hair is a little messy and she looks unnoticeable. Oh Hyo-yeon…why do you look like you have a stick shoved up your butt and why is it that you ALWAYS get the short end of the stick? Can someone get her a stylist who gives a shit? I like Yuri‘s style and her pose but her pose seems a little bit too natural. It’s an album cover not a candid pappo shot.

This however, is talent: taking 9 girls, putting them in different outfits and poses, and taking a picture. Yes, the picture and the girls have their flaws, but I would definitely say that I like the concept and the image overall. I can’t wait to hear it!