1. One: Futbol. Soccer. Football. Whichever. Take your pick.
  2. Two: Korean Food. Namely, sweet snacks and ramen.

Thanks so much to my Korean fans that send me all this food! I hope is healthy! :-p

How is this related to KPOP? It’s not. But, in the name of spreading Korean culture to parts far and wide, some soccer savvy fans of Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas (and essential member of the 2010 World Cup winning Spanish side), sent the cutie patootie footie a box full of Korean treats!

The act was worthy of not only a Tweet from the athlete, but also a thumbs-up, and a thumbs-up from this KPOP blogger and avid fooball fan. (Okay, and how cute is Cesc?!! Adorable.)

Anyone ever do anything like this for their favorite KPOP artists or entertainers? I’m always so impressed by the sheer amount of coordination and research, let alone funding, that it must take when fan clubs and individuals send their favorite idols gifts. It’s a nice thought though, and even nicer when said idols appreciate and acknowledge the effort. It’s stories like this that make me go “Awww”. And also hungry for some ramen and snacks.

(cesc4official twitter)