Undeniably one of the hottest namjas on the Korean entertainment scene right now, Hyun Bin seems like the perfect man to many of his fans.  But, during a recent interview with MBC’s Section TV, Hyun Bin confessed to one flaw, or at least the one he’s willing to reveal.

The interview took place during the meet the press section of the premiere of I Love You, I Love You Not the second of his last two movies to be released before he leaves for his 2 years of military duty, the other being Late Autumn which was released on February 17th.  In I Love You, I Love You Not, he plays the husband of actress Im Soo-jung and they are a couple on the verge of divorce.  The movie will debut on March 3rd, just four days before he enters into military service on the 7th to begin basic training after which he will join the Marines.

So back to the main topic, what’s Binnie’s flaw?  The man can NOT cook, not at all.  In fact in the interview, he said that other than going  to get water, he never even really goes into the kitchen.  Well, he must know how to make rice and ramyun at least, right?  He could always learn… one of my besties used to disintegrate pasta when she tried to cook it (she always forgot about it because it took forever to cook- she refused to put the stove on high because it was scary when it was all red) and now she’s a pro (well, she def got the pasta down now).

A Hyun Bin that can’t cook… I could live with that, but he better know how to do dishes.

(Newsen, Newsen)