What a question.

The first time I watched 2PM’s “10 out of 10” video, was the first time I saw a Korean woman who I thought was sexy. Not cute, not beautiful, but sexy. But apparently, this isn’t something that Choi Gina enjoys very much.

Famous for her curves, which have been sized in the D’s, she’s felt very embarrassed by her body. Surrounded by petite women and inappropriate macros and graphics, Gina has developed quite the complex about her body. Currently however, she has become more comfortable with her body with recent weight loss and spends her time concentrating on other things, like her career and future.

Ideals of feminism and beauty in Korea–and really, the rest of the world–have always been complicated but this article made me think. What makes an attractive woman? If you’re a cute Kim Tae-Yeon, you’re given smack about the aegyo; if you’re a bold Son Ga-In, you’re criticized for your make up; if you’re sexy Choi Gina, you’re heckled for your curves. No matter who you are and what you are doing, there will always be criticisms so I am not surprised that the attractive women of KPOP have their critics, but to an extent these views seem contradictory.  What is contradictory, is always complex and I can’t help but wonder, as a woman, what exactly should, would, and does make a woman attractive?