As ridiculous as they look, I still love it.

Accessories? CHECK.

Animal print? CHECK! (Plus, ME-YOWZA!)

Sequins? CHECK!! (A nod to Kim Joo Won, perhaps?)

Maknae works with what he's got-- VVIP style.

Daesung is closer to being top dog with his hawt new hairstyle and pout.

TOP knows he looks foolish and gives us his best sheepish shrug as apology.

Taeyang proves that we can put a paper bag on him and he'll still rock it. Hard.

G-Dragon is never one to shy away from patterns, fabrics, or hair color-- and he always knows his best angles. Werk it, bb.

In case you all forgot, Big Bang is coming back soon. Sequined cheetah western-wear and all. Be prepared.