The Big Bang sub-unit of G-Dragon and T.O.P. have released the third official MV off of their album for the song “Baby Goodnight.”  It’s a sweet love song with hints of longing and temptation.  The MV is also intimate with GD and T.O.P. with their respective significant others (in MV land of course).  Check out the MV here.

GD goes sweet with his girl falling asleep on his lap while he’s reading to her and T.O.P. goes suave with all the elements of seduction: champagne, strawberries, and a ring (T.O.P. don’t do it in real life, you know how many girls have swallowed the ring?).

The MV itself has much symbolism in regards to the sweet longing and temptation it is of being a with a lover or not.  Other than the obvious (the whispered words in French, the language of love, the champagne and strawberries) there are references to the original story of temptation, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The snake symbolizes temptation, the pomegranate represents the forbidden fruit (many have said that the forbidden fruit was not an apple, it was most likely an apricot or a pomegranate).  So, if you don’t resist the snake + partake of the forbidden fruit = sin with G-Dragon or T.O.P.  I can think of a few people who would have NO PROBLEM with that at all…lol.  The snake actually should be wary of  T.O.P., with his love of fashion he’d probably want a nice shiny new pair of snake skin shoes or a belt.

I liked the MV, it was sweet and sexy and meshed well with the song (other than some of the gimmicky seduction stuff from like Pretty Woman).  And, GD and T.O.P. in PJs is a win, although GD had a granny sweater and T.O.P.’s robe…?  If you’re interested in finding the lyrics in English, I found them here.  If you’re interested in the translation of the French said in the MV, a fan posted the translation on Big Bang’s YouTube channel which I have a link to below.