Even an Ivy League education couldn’t keep me away.

Though I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world is already very aware of what’s going on, I will recap nevertheless: This week’s episode includes child abuse, a noraebang, and multiple instances involving kidnapping.

Things I Liked:

  • Jin Gook’s relationship with his father. It’s complicated, that’s for sure. Up until this point, Jin Gook has been cute and sweet. But besides that he’s been boring. With the revelations about his relationship with his family, his father, and his past, he becomes much more interesting.
  • Hye Mi showing emotions. She’s much more interesting and likable when she commits to that.
  • Pil Sook & Jason’s “Heartbeat” duet. WIN. Even if the scene is tacky and random.
  • Someone give Pil Sook her own drama. She’s too great to be left in the shadow of prima donna drama.
  • Of course JYP would give himself a pseudo performance in his own drama. Of course. It’s annoying, his self plugging, but at this point, I find it amusing.
  • Besides the fact that the full admissions students of Kirin have yet to impress me, the Ke$ha cameo is nice.
  • Since I’m away from home, seeing all these cute parents, reminds me of my own cute parents.
  • I live for awkward moments. My favorite awkward moment of this episode: Hye Mi falling asleep on Sam Dong and Jin Gook walking in on them only to have Sam Dong tell Jin Gook to “shush.”
  • Jason has not participated in the cute factor of the famous Milk couple. But here he is, contributing.
  • Return of the loan sharks.
  • Showcase make up brings these girls some spunk.
  • Oh Hyeok throwing the devil lady into the closet has to be the best idea ever.
  • Showcase performances were actually pretty nice. Eun Jung and Kim Soo-Hyun however, were a little lacking.
  • I should have gotten Oh Hyeok to write my valedictorian speech.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • Does this school ever lock anything? Because they certainly don’t lock classrooms and lockers.
  • You know how they make us dress in comfortable clothing for gym class or physical activity in general? Yeah…
  • Does this drama have no concept of the pace or change of time?
  • Baek Hee‘s approach to wooing Jin Gook is annoying. I feel like it’s an excerpt out of the “Oh!” video.
  • “Jason will only use English when necessary.” Unfortunately, every time he does, it’s never necessary.
  • Psht, Riah isn’t even that pretty.
  • Was anyone really doubting Jin Gook’s just in the time return?
  • Though I think it’s cute and I vaguely understand that Jason wants to stick it to the man, leaving the showcase and what not seems a bit random. As a character, he needs to be developed more.
  • That’s one of the most unrealistically, stable dressing rooms I’ve ever seen.
  • Okay, Jin Gook showing up to Baek Hee’s showcase and not his own showcase is annoying. Minus brownie points for being a bad team player.
  • What the heck is this? Why is Sam Dong fainting? Really? Is this really happening? Oh geez.

Final Verdict: It’s hard finding time to watch Dream High, but I’ll try. Just for all of you. And just so I can continue to witness a continuous disregard of realistic events.