Chaebol (Madeline’s definition): Filthy rich owners of companies/conglomerates, frequently featured in kdramas (ie, Kim JooWon (Hyun Bin) of Secret Garden is a chaebol.), money is usually passed to the children, whether or not they have business savvy, often rude and/or snobby, has negative connotations.

Recently, Choi Siwon of Super Junior has been revealed to be a real-life chaebol heir. According to news outlets, his father has become the new CEO of the Boryung Medicine Group. (I guess I’ll have to examine my medicine labels more closely now.) I doubt that Siwon will adopt the typical chaebol attitude, as he’s already been ridiculously famous for years already and has stayed pretty humble. But, lucky him, now he’s going to have to question girls’ motives even more.

*imagines* Oooh… What if he has an arranged ‘societal’ marriage like on the dramas?? I think she’d get offed by angry ELFs… “If Oppa doesn’t marry for love, he can’t marry anyone!”

What do you think? Is he even more attractive now, or does the whole ‘chaebol’ thing turn you off? Or are you neutral?

(daum, mediapen)