Not quite.

This wouldn’t be the first time that KPOP and plagiarism have been in the same sentence. Not by a long shot. Whether it is a KPOP song accused of plagiarizing another song or a song plagiarizing KPOP song, I’m sure no one is surprised. The players? MBLAQ and Latin songstress Andrea Bucaram.

G.O. retweeted a video of Bucaram singing “Quiero Mas,” an almost literal replication of MBLAQ’s debut single, “Oh Yeah.”

I think it’s interesting how KPOP and plagiarism are never too far from each other. Other artists have been accused of plagiarizing KPOP (Dineyra, Jelena Karleusa) and KPOP has been accused of plagiarizing artists (G-Dragon, CN Blue).  KPOP and plagiarism have an interesting relationship.

(G.O.’s Twitter)