Korea’s biggest pop diva might have kept a low profile since the plagiarism controversy with H-logic, but reports say she’s ready to hit the scene again this year!

According to her agency, Lee Hyori had initially planned to take a long hiatus, but decided to return to the entertainment industry sooner than expected. (Fanboys all over the world, rejoice!) She is scheduled for a comeback this June, but nothing is confirmed and delays may be expected.

Hyori had released her much-anticipated album H-logic in 2010, although the date had been pushed back repeatedly due to her perfectionist nature. But the day did come when she finally made her comeback, and took Korea by storm again. Promotions for her track “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” were going smoothly and competition was heating up between her and Rain, who was promoting his long awaited comeback Love Story.

Then wham! Suddenly, the singer was embroiled in plagiarism issues and forced to halt all activities. It was disappointing for both Hyori and her fans, especially those who had been waiting patiently for 2 years. It was later revealed that the composer Hyori hired, Bahnus, had sold her songs which were illegally taken from other composers and artistes. What a scumbug!

Despite having cleared her name, Hyori had deliberately stayed away from the spotlight and rejected any broadcasting offers. She spent her break doing charity work such as rescuing abandoned cats, occasionally MC-ing for events, and remaining active as a CF model due to her existing contracts.

After 5 days and 4 nights in New Zealand for a Fila CF shooting, Hyori will be recording and preparing intensively for her upcoming album. While it is unfortunate that she was unable to successfully complete H-logic promotions despite her hard work in producing the album, I hope Hyori will get up on her feet and kick some ass ASAP. Show the rookie wannabes how it’s really done, hon!

(Star News)