One of the reasons I use to justify my undying interest in kpop is the catchy-ass dances. One of my favorite things to do, during the teen idol explosion of late ’99-2000, was to tape a Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child or Backstreet Boys video and learn the choreography, step-by-step. Likewise kpop seems to have a similar effect (on others…not that I still do that…). Do a search of ‘kpop dancing’ on Youtube and you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying. Which is why I cry that I was not present at “Dream On!” KPop Cover Dance Fes’ 2011.

Courtesy of the site Fangirl Diaries, a full report of the event which was hosted by SM choreographer and famed Harajuku Girl Rino Nakasone, and featured mad awesome performances from different crews in Japan to popular Kpop dance choreography.

Check out a few awesome photos below, and get the full report here.

Big Bang


Rino’s Crew

Fangirl Diaries