If you got excited, you shouldn’t have because this has been one of the most disappointing stories of the week.

I recently got VERY excited when a friend of mine, who religiously shops at Hot Topic, a retailer of punk and novelty style, recently sent me an interesting text informing me that her store of choice was selling KPOP music. I rushed to my MacBook and hunted through the website, which was surprisingly difficult, and had my brain smacked by a slice of epic fail.

Hot Topic has always been famous in my book for housing True Blood, Twilight, and Harry Potter items as well as pop culture products in general, so the idea didn’t necessarily surprise me.  Alas, when I saw SHINee spelt incorrectly and boasting a picture of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Rainbow incorrectly portrayed as SNSD,  a 2NE1 a cappella album (which as far as I know does not exist), and a plethora of other mistakes… I knew something was amiss. Hot Topic, you really disappointed me.

When I checked the site again this morning, Hot Topic had already removed the clearly unauthorized music.  Word is that Hot Topic got inundated with complaint emails and quickly had their music distributor (who they said was responsible for the uploads to the site) fix the problem.  They have since apologized for the error via a reply email to all those who sent an email of concern to the retailer. Hot Topic, say “annyeong” to Kpop fans.