Barely 2011, and the MVs are arriving hard and fast already. Kpop waits for no one. This time we have the video for MBLAQ’s new single ‘Cry’ coming off their forthcoming album “BLAQ List”. If you are a MBLAQ fan, you will find nothing to criticize here, but a few thoughts.

  • Starting off with some bass Engrish (but bass makes everything sound good)
  • It’s a shame MBLAQ initially lost to BEAST in the boy band wars, because by and large I prefer their style of music to Cube Ent.’s
  • I also prefer their choreography, yowza
  • Still brings to mind five Rain clones in sync, but at least they’re getting better at it
  • You know, sparkly blue eyeshadow can be oddly attractive…
  • Oh goodness, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it appears that JYP could be spreading his aerial acrobatics fetish to other groups. Technically they are dancing in the water I suppose, but still…
  • Speaking of rain (Rain! ha,ha…) the one boy band staple used since the beginning of time, emotional distraught dancing in the rain. No shirtlessness this time, which is for the best. I always believed the presence of  naked manly pecks in your face takes away from the effect, though I’m sure some of you disagree