Daesung, Jung Yong-hwa, and Uee join Park Myung-soo, Kim Jae-dong, and Tak Jae-hoon as the MCs for new variety show Night After Night.  The show’s first guests were Kim Soo-ro and PSY.  The tables get turned on Yong-hwa after he asks PSY about talking to girls.  After showing his prowess with talking to girls with Uee, Yong-hwa asks PSY “What are you supposed to do if you like a girl who lives life very cleanly and honestly?”  The MCs  jump in and start asking Yong-hwa questions about who this “girl who lives life very cleanly and honestly” could be and then put him in the hot seat to answer questions.  It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter…

Subs by MountainMadman and timing by Caliope@Soompi Goguma couple page

Of course Yong-hwa doesn’t say anything not even mentioning his virtual wife Seohyun, but actions speak louder than words, him playing with his couple ring while they were grilling him was telling, no?  And, his abrupt end to the questioning when the talk of last kisses came up was the seal to the deal.  He sure set himself up for that one, I wonder if that was in the script?  It could be all acting, but… I ♥ SeoHwa.

(Yahoo Korea)