And they said they’d never last! Well, technically some of them didn’t.  However, for all intents and purposes Super Junior are credited for helping kick start the Hallyu Wave (or at least bringing attention to it); and thus Leeteuk and Siwon were singled out for an interview on CNN’s iList Korea special airing on the eve of the G20 Summit in South Korea (broadcasting 6-12th on Talk Asia).

While Leeteuk and Siwon spoke about targeting their foreign fans through social media (being a Twitter whore has its benefits), Kim Hyung Joong  was interviewed as  well about the international popularity of Korean drama. And just to show that South Korea isn’t all about pop idols and over-acted dramas,  features  about the country’s food and culture were filmed, as well as an interview with UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon.

Aw, the big ROK is getting some props. Though I can’t help but wonder how Fox News would have reported this…..

*Rough translation may contain errors.