Song Joong-ki continues to ride the wave of popularity following his masterful performance as Gu Yong-ha in the Kdrama Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Joong-ki rocked the hanbok in his portrayal of the randy romeo Gu Yong-ha, aka Yeo-rim, and now he takes on the fashion of the 21st century.  He appears in the December issue of Allure Korea and if Gu Yong-ha lived in modern day Korea, he would probably be rocking looks like this.

Joong-ki is looking good in high fashion, Yong-ha would probably have  picked clothes in a wider variety of colors though.  Don’t miss the rest of Joong-ki’s photo shoot and interview with the mag where he talks about his character Yong-ha, how he portrayed him and why, and his future plans.  I miss seeing him every week as the playful Yong-ha, but at least he’s currently a part of the permanent cast of Running Man and is an MC of Music Bank so fans can still see him regularly.  Can’t wait to see what Joong-ki has lined up next , it’s guaranteed to be epic because…he is Song Joong-ki.  Song.  Joong.  ki.

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