Ratings for the show have quickly rocketed to 20% (as recorded from Sunday) and I can’t wait for Saturday. To ease that nail-biting wait, here are a few spoilers to get you going till the weekend.

If you’ve been fidgety like me, wondering when the body switch will happen, you won’t have to wait much longer. We’ll see their first (of two) out-of-body experiences in Episode 5. I’m assuming here that the second switch takes place when the first one gets reversed.

Joo-won (Hyun Bin), who by some other comical coincidence was to have spent the night in his cousin’s bed, finds himself waking up in a sauna, with egg in hand. He gets a jolt when an ahjumma addresses him as “Ahgassi!” and fumbles a confused “… Who, me?”. Thereafter, he realises that he has a bosom and goes into mild shock.

Ra-im (Ha Ji-won), on the other hand, finds herself waking up next to Oska (Yoon Sang-hyun). She puts her hands to her chest and realises a difference. Just then, she notices another change in her lower torso and passes out.

Hilarity ensues. Our leads encounter several awkward situations in Episodes 6 and 7. Unknowingly, possessed Ra-im sits awfully crudely, with her legs wide open, while Joo-won crouches more often than necessary, with his knees to his chest. In one of these funny scenes, Joo-won proclaims how droopy women’s undergarments are. Ra-im retorts that he should tighten the straps. Impatience overcomes him and he scrambles to remove the bra altogether. Ra-im stretches over to help him and…

Yup, that’s all they’ve let on. Episode 8 and beyond sees them back in their own bodies.