Song Joong Ki is clearly on everybody’s mind these days thanks to his role as the porn-reading, ladies’ man in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. While online polls tend to be silly at times, OK lots of times, they’re a good indication of how popular your are with the voting netizens of the world wide web. Song recently won a poll called “Even as a female, I’m jealous of this male celebrity’s skin” and tied with Goo Hye Sun for “Celebrity with the most moisturized looking skin”. He also bagged “The celebrity that I most want to be cheered on by when I take my college entrance exam…”, “Hottest rising star”, and“Best pretty boy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”

Netizens aren’t the only ones noticing! The actor is getting numerous love calls for movies, dramas, and CFs as well.

Forget about Team Jacob, I got another poll for you: Team JaeHee (Jae Shin + Yoon Hee) or Team JaeHa (Jae Shin + Yong Ha)?!