With special edition episodes via their YouTube Channel.  I don’t know how I forgot/missed this when it first came out (November 2nd), but apparently 277,000+ people didn’t (or just 5,000 PK addicts watching it a LOT of times).  Episode 1 picks up a year later, with Ha-ni trying to impress Seung-jo with her newly acquired English breakfast skills.   Check out episode 1 here.

She should’ve impressed him with her American breakfast skills and give him a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with toast and the apple.  The episodes already come subbed in a variety of languages thanks to the PK subbing team at Viikii.  Hellooo, Kdrama people this is a perfect example of how to work with fans. Episode 2 was just uploaded an hour ago and 300+ people have already watched it.  So, if you loved Playful Kiss, like I loved Playful Kiss don’t forget to check out the ytkiss channel for more episodes in the coming days.