Meet the fans and see the showcase! Amy and I headed to Hammerstein Ballroom to see the JYJ trio and it was an interesting experience for me as neither a fan, nor a non-fan, of DBSK and/or JYJ.

The downsides:

  • I am now partially deaf. The left ear because of the speakers that were 1 foot away from my head and the right ear because of the piercing fan screams. (I now have to watch “Conan” with captions)
  • Fans were a teensy bit frightening in the front. Everyone was pushing and yelling and getting way too intense. I feared for my safety, namely through imagining that scene in “Selena” where her fans get trapped under the stage because they’re going loco for her.
  • Witnessing Junsu’s interesting use of pelvic movement. Do Not Want.

The upsides:

  • I’d always been a fan of Junsu but had forgotten. This showcase reminded me how amazing he is. Fantastic voice, great stage presence (except when he’s gyrating). He’s a phenomenal performer.
  • Jaejoong was great to see live and to hear: “yes,single” in one breath as a response to the question, “Are you guys single?” (They all are.) Priceless.
  • Yoochun always came to the edge of the stage and engaged more with the fans. This was a bit of a downside for me because I was caught in the middle with my camera attempting to avoid getting punched in the back of the head by fans whose view I was blocking.
  • And the biggest upside, who doesn’t want to experience JYJ live?

Check out the video!