It has been reported that Super Junior’s prettiest member, Kim Hee Chul will collaborate with an underground hip-hop group, Defconn.  Such collaborations, where an idol member is working with a hardcore rap group, is the first in K-pop history. Their joint effort will be displayed through the song “King Wang Zzang”, set to release end of this month (11/30).  Apparently Kim Hee Chul is not only featured in the number, but he also helped write the lyrics.

I’m not sure about anybody else, but I was dumbfounded when I first encountered the news and had to mull over it for a couple of days before writing about it.  All snarky jokes and mean commentary aside, is Kim Hee Chul seriously suffering from a multiple personality disorder?

According to wikipedia, “[multiple personality disorder] diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual’s behavior.”  Any K-pop fan would agree that Kim Hee Chul has at lest three distinct personalities that we are all familiar with.

1) Self-indulgent idol member of Super Junior

2) Secret Garden – unexpectedly switching from resident useless boyband member to a songstress

3) Hardcore gangsta wannabe

It appears self-evident that Kim Hee Chul may be suffering from a multiple personality disorder.  Despite that fact that seeking a shrink to relieve such psychological disorder is not the norm in Korea, I think we should all do Kim Hee Chul a favor and recommend the best shrink money can buy.  Better yet, we should set up a donation fund so the boy can address these issues.