Hope everyone remembered to set their clocks an hour back today!

The rundown seems kind of empty today, doesn’t it? Beast is done promoting “Soom,” I believe, and so is SHINee with “Hello.” 2PM was MIA this week as well.

Make sure you watch these performances before they’re taken down. Inkigayo might be a lot harder to come by in the future because of the extremes that SBS has gone through to take these performances down. I think SBS really needs to reconsider how much of an international fanbase there is for Kpop and how this only hurts their business to restrict casual watchers from being able to access their content.

Here are this week’s performances.

SNSD’s “Hoot”

PSY’s “Right Now”

2NE1’s “It Hurts”

Lim Jeong-hee’s “It Can’t Be Real”

VNT’s “Sound (Ye Ye Ye)”

Supreme Team’s “Then Then Then”

Rainbow’s “Mach”

Miss A & San-E’s “Copyright Song”

This week’s winner….Surprise! Not.