For those who follow the tradition, have you gifted some chocolates for your loved ones or that special someone? Just in case anyone was wondering, 11/11 is Pepero Day which is mostly observed by young S.Koreans. It’s a day, somewhat similar to Valentine’s Day, when couples exchange sweeties and the like.

Well, Yuri of Girls’ Generation should be getting quite a few in the mail today. In a Bugs poll held from November 2nd to 8th, 58% of 2077 voters picked her as the celebrity they most wanted to spend Pepero Day with. Coming in a distant second at 19% was Beast‘s Lee Ki-kwang. And the rest that follow: 3rd – Park Bom, 4th – Superstar K’s Jang Jae-jin, 5th – Min Kyung-hoon and 6th – Taecyeon.

If given the chance, who’d you like to spend the day with? *mind starts swirling with some of the SKKS boys*…