Korea’s most fashion-forward entertainers walked the runway-whoops! red carpet, rather- of the 2010 Style Icon Awards in Seoul yesterday to celebrate their fabulously fashionable selves.

Among the official winners of the night:

Popularity Award: Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)-no surprise here

Style Icon of the Year: Lee Byung Hun

International Style Icon: So Ji Sub

New Style Icon, Movie Actor: T.O.P (Big Bang)

New Style Icon, Actor: Song Joong Ki

New Style Icon, Singer: C.N Blue

Fashionista: Oh Yeon Soo

Style Leader: Gong Hyo Jin

Cultural/Arts award: Kolleen Park

Model: Han Hye Jin

Style Icon Actor: Chun Jung Myung

Style Icon Actress: Shin Min Ah

Female Singer(s): 2NE1

Male Singer(s): 2PM

Style Icon TV Star: Kim Jung Eun

Movie Actress: Lee Min Jung

Movie Actor: Joo Jin Mo

Special Award: late (and bizarre) fashion designer Andre Kim (accepted by his son, Kim Joong Do)

Sky Beautiful Sharing Award: husband-and-wife hip hoppers Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae

And here is my list of the unofficial winners and losers of the night:

There’s a reason why Lee Byung Hun and So Ji Sub won the two top awards-on a night where most men (and the pretty boys and idols) were doing the whole debonair/dapper thing, LBH went tie-less and casually unbuttoned down, while SJS came as his regular BAMF self. These two should come with a warning: Warning ladies: you may become pregnant upon sighting them!

As for the ladies, I think Sports Seoul got it right with the above collage in that these were the most successful outfits of the night- they were daring, but not costume-y and overall, worked.  

Kim Jung Eun was channeling her Comeback Madonna rocker diva, I think, and more girl power! to her.

Min Hyo Rin was as cute as ever with her puffy shouldered floral print covering her petite frame (which she lengthened with her sky high wedges).

Jung Ga Eun’s sleek, sexy and shimmery number looked fabulously fitted on her.

Park Soo Jin‘s structural (and spiky?!) outfit definitely made her stand out from the rest of the ladies and I can appreciate that-even if it wasn’t my favorite dress/shoes combo of the night (those shoes are so cool – can anyone ID them? Balmain???.

Lee Young Eun looks spunky but elegant in her hot red mini and bob-plus, those pumps are to die for sexy/sweet.

My favorite dress of the night, however, goes to 2NE1‘s maknae Minzy. I love that she wore a bodycon dress and showed off her curvy body. It also happened to be my favorite Jeremy Scott outfit worn by the fashionistas of 2NE1-Dara‘s velvet dress was blah on her, Bom‘s matador inspired bolero velvet pantsuit was just not cute, and CL‘s outfit was random-even when you don’t count the second dress of CL‘s train! I think it’s because Minzy’s dress reminds me of Barcelona and was so fun and colorful that made it my favorite.  I get that the gals are BFFs with Jeremy Scott, but being so matchy-matchy and wearing his entire line was not inspired at all, in my opinion. I expected more from them.

Mr. Popular is indeed popular. Kim Hyun Joong would look good in a potato sack. Seriously- I bet he’ll be in paper bags and potato sacks in his next fashion spread.

Now for the blech:

Chun Jung Myung, please hire a stylist. That was a lot of random going on.

T.O.P. you are so cute with your pama and I just want to ruffle your hair too, and question what you were thinking. That suit was so ill-fitting for the sexy beast that you are! Next time consult with GD, please.

C.N Blue- you boys play instruments– you should be artsy fartsy for goodness’ sake! And hence, more interesting in your fashion choices. We have literally seen your recycled outfits on every boy band from Big Bang to your label mates, F.T. Island. Next time don’t borrow from their closet.

Ahh the ladies. Don’t think I forgot about them. Lee Min Jung‘s dress was such a yawner. She is so so much prettier and more stylish than that. She should have just come in jeans and a t-shirt because she probably would have looked even better than in that boring outfit she wore.

You’re not off the hook either Lee Yoon Ji– going with an Elvis-inspired rockabilly suit was a very interesting choice-I love Elvis so I give you snaps for that. But the HAIR. You didn’t have to go that far…the King would have understood.

Ok, so I know everyone is going to argue with me on this, but Song Joong Ki did not look his best. Perhaps it was because he had his co-MC, Seo In Young, on his arm??! She looked great overall (I prefer her coquettish side much more than her diva persona), and I loved her hair- but the ROOTS. Gah. They killed me. (Or maybe that was just my jealousy-get your paws off my man!!!)

Lastly, I just wanted to comment that I think it is HIGH-larious that 2PM won a fashion award seeing as how they have MR. FASHION TERRORIST (cough*Taec*cough) himself and their stylists find inspiration from life on other planets, apparently. However, to their credit, the boys looked mighty sharp at the awards. Especially Junho:

Amirite?!! Junho, and 2PM, good job this time. I’m glad there was no sparkly eyeshadow in sight!

Ok, bring on the arguments people. Who did you think was hot? And totally not?!!