Nothing much actually, just a special round-up of news bits on the main cast.

  • Park Min-young comes clean about plastic surgery. With support from her mum, she did double eyelid surgery and corrective rhinoplasty in junior high. A rare but brave confession from someone at the top of her game. (dailian)

  • Straight-laced Garang/Lee Sun-joon is caught on camera in shades. Snapped by Micky‘s manager and posted on the latter’s Twitter, the photo has sparked comments. Reminds me of that Don Draper-iPhone picture. (joinsmsn)
  • In another Micky Yoochun-related bit, screenwriter for the show, Kim Tae-hee has told reporters that prior to casting for her script, she had no idea who DBSK was, much less the lead actor. Being the sort who doesn’t hide her feelings, she had also expressed a slight indifference to him (his popularity?) in the beginning. But she now counts herself a fan. I think I was momentarily stunned when I read this. K-ent always has a way of perking us up, no?  (Yahoo Korea)

  • SidusHQ released more photos of the very delectable Yeorim/Song Joong-ki through their me2day. More ssanti winks! I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of these. (startoday & me2day)

  • Yoo Ah-in reveals that his 10-year-old self always thought he’d be a Moon Jae-shin when he reached 20. In an interview about his character he gave rather vague answers and it’s unclear how he really feels about Gul-oh in comparison to his current disposition. No surprises there since he comes off as a deep-thinker through this rather philosophical tweets. (dongA )

  • Jun Tae-su takes a step further away from his famous sister’s (Ha Ji-won) shadow, after his baddie role in SKKS. Honestly, I didn’t know of the connection till the show was running. And fortunately, he confesses he’s nothing like Ha In-su. In fact, he’s rather the shy type. He features in Elle Korea’s November issue. (morningnews)