International V.I.P.s must be cringing at the thought of not being able to sample Big Bang‘s specially designed frozen treats for Marvelous Cream. All five members will be represented by their own creations. These layers of flavor are only available for a limited time (Nov 21-Dec 12).

1. Raspberry topping
2. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose cream
3. Milk cream
4. Golden Vanilla ice cream
5. Strawberry & Kirsch sauce
6. Sponge Cake
7. Strawberry & Kirsch & Rose ice cream

SOL (Is it weird that I expected SOL to be chocolate? Was he trying to match his chocolate abs?)
1. Chocolate ornament topping
2. Chocolate cream
3. Chocolate sauce
4. Anglaise sauce
5. Custard ice cream
6. Banana confiture
7. Chocolate tip
8. Classic milk chocolate ice cream

1. Grain rice cake
2. Fresh cream
3. “Chief Councillor of the State” (Adzuki bean)
4. Strawberry ice cream
5. Grain rice cake
6. Strawberry sauce
7. Bean jam containing whole beans
8. White milk ice cream

1. Melon topping
2. Fresh cream
3. Milk confiture with melon flavor
4. Melon ice cream
5. Heavy milk confiture
6. Sponge cake
7. Melon ice cream

1. Raspberry topping
2. Raspberry sauce
3. Raspberry cream
4. Franc Boise
5. Raspberry confiture
6. Ivory white chocolate ice cream

(soompi, yxyfyxyf)