And I say “GIVE ME MORE!!!”

U-Kiss teases with the music video for their upcoming single, “Shut Up” from their forthcoming mini-album Break Time.

It looks like the boys are “big boys” now, huh? U-Kiss has grown up a little, methinks! “Shut Up” was composed by Kim Taehyun who has worked with Ivy (Temptation Of Sonata), After School (Bang) and T-Ara (I Go Crazy Because Of You).  And it is apparently a “hardcore electronic arrangement” incorporating U-Kiss’ existing musical style as well as their tough and refined images.

And don’t get me wrong, but I literally had a Stephanie Tanner “How rude!!!” moment upon hearing the name of the single. But, on a brighter note, this teaser hits all the right spots-it gave me just enough to keep me very interested. Consider me appropriately teased, U-Kiss.

Video credit: KyuleeKPOPMV