And so the last three photos were revealed earlier today. But there’s still a teaser and the music video to come. [if you’re on the SM Town website select the blue and brown panels on the spinning wheel]

I can definitely visualize a fun MV and maybe a new catchy dance.

I don’t know about you guys, but each time SM comes up with a new concept for Girls’ Generation, I find myself looking forward to how it unfolds. You don’t get to see it on just 4-5 girls (the common number) but a whopping nine of them.

At the stroke of midnight (KST) on Sunday, 24th October, the “Retro Power Girls” will unveil their music video, before the album is released in its entirety on the 27th.


1. 훗 (Hoot)
2. 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
3. 단짝 (My Best Friend)
4. Wake Up
5. 첫눈에… (Snowy Wish)

(Star News)