Boy, netizens sure do know how get stuff started….months (and months and months and months) after the fact.

This news is so delicious, it’s fattening:

miss A’s Fei has been swept up in a rather unexpected ‘panty controversy’ amongst netizens.

Fei’s outfits for her “Bad Girl Good Girl” performances made her look like she was practically wearing a bathing suit. While the outfits did a good job in showing off her perfect ‘S-line’ body, netizens became uncomfortable with a specific bit in the choreography where she sits down and kicks up her legs.

Netizens posted mixed responses on the performance videos, expressing, “I have no idea where I need to be looking“, “It’s as if she’s on stage wearing underwear“, and “Her ’shorts’ are embarrassing.” Others commented, “Fei’s body is so perfect, there’s no flaw anywhere,” and “I’m so envious of her body.”

Really? Panty controversy? And no one had anything to say about her 8368583 other outfits during the ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ period structured exactly the same way?  Honestly, Min tends to show more skin in performances, so again, nothing but frivolous pearl-clutching (and an uncomfortable sexual awakening?) from our favorite kpop watchdogs. You stay sharp, guys.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun