To thank them for their loyalty in supporting his new drama Playful Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong is planning a special viewing event with fans.  On October 21st at Dom Art Hall in the Childrens’ Grand Park in Seoul, Hyun Joong will watch the last episode of Playful Kiss with over 2,000 fans as well as having special stages and guests.  Hyun Joong did a similar event for fans at the end of Boys Over Flowers.  You just gotta love Hyun-joong, he’s really thoughtful.

The event was announced via Hyun-joong’s official site by his management company Key East.  Applications to attend the event are being taken from the today, the 7th until Saturday, October 10th.  For more information on how to get tickets to attend the event check out more information here.

Although domestically Playful Kiss‘ ratings has been dismal ranging in the 3% area (until Baker King, Kim Tak-gu ended and it surpassed 5%) it has been sold to several overseas markets.  Hyun-joong’s large international fan base can not be denied.  Playful Kiss is really not as bad as its ratings suggest, it never really had a chance going up against National drama Baker King and a strong My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  I enjoy watching the drama each week to see what hijinx Ha-ni will get into.  I think Hyun-joong is doing much better than he did in BOF and Jung So-min is excellent as Oh Ha-ni.  To be totally honest, and I know I’m going to get some major flack over this,  the Korean adaptation of Itazura Na Kiss is my favorite (I’ve watched both the Japanese and Taiwanese versions).  I really appreciate that although Ha-ni is always struggling because she isn’t the smartest person in the world, she isn’t portrayed as pathetic as other incarnations of the female lead role.

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