The girl group who’s been making inroads in J-pop is serving up a new single – “Jumping”. The song is to be released first in Japan, and then Korea.

Packaging of the album sees the girls donning three different looks, mostly inspirations coming off their recent stint with “Lupin”. KARA recently came up in one of the top 5 positions for successful girl groups – for their girl-next-door appeal – but it looks like they’re teasing their way into Girls’ Generation territory. I’m also getting a bit of a 4Minute vibe… Nonetheless, I doubt there’ll be a clash since “Gee” and “Jumping” look quite different.

Gyuri and Hara are back with starkly different hair colors and Nicole has embraced her complex by pushing back her bangs. The fans are jittery with excitement.

Have a listen to the track (sorry this was the best I could find…):

And take a peek at the choreography:

“Jumping” drops in Japanese record stores on November 10th.