Today’s Seoulbeats’ Tweet of the Day comes from Cha Dae-woong.  If you’re a fan of the Kdrama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, you know that we’re talking about Lee Seung-gi’s character in the drama.  Seung-gi has a Cha Dae-woong Twitter account and sent the following tweets from the set where the cast and crew were treated by some of Seung-gi’s fans.


야식이라기엔 너무고급스런선물에 대웅이를비롯한 모든스텝들폭풍감동..어느감독님이 팬들이준비한거보구”승기팬이젤부자구나!”하심..물질적인것보다 정성과 마음이 부자인 우리팬들진심으로고마워요..^^

All the staffs including DaeWoong are deeply moved by the very luxurious gifts of the late-night meals… After seeing what the fans had prepared, a director said “SeungGi fans are rich!” But more so than material richness, it’s the richness of their heart and sincerity that I’m thankful for from the bottom of my heart to our fans… ^^

He then tweeted this.

전스텝도시락이똑같은줄알구..허겁지겁먹다가 배우및감독판스페셜도시락이란소식듣고급하게젓가락내려놓고찍음..야식이라하긴엔 너무고급스럽다..ㅋ스텝들감탄함♥

I thought all the staffs’ boxed lunch was the same… I was gobbling down the food and heard that the actors and directors got the special boxed lunch, so I put down the chopsticks quickly and took a picture… Such a luxurious late-night meal… ㅋ The staffs were amazed♥

Wow, that lunch box looks amazing.  At least we know they’re eating, so hopefully no fainting will occur on the set.

English translations:  fer15@Lee Seung, Tryp@Tumblr
cr:  MyDaily, FinanceNews, DailyNews