After the success of their debut Jpop single “Genie” (Japanese version), SNSD will resurrect the tune that had a large number of Koreans geeing their little hearts out.  True to form their company will release several editions of the single for Japanese fans who simply must have those trading cards and learn the secret of the Gee Dance.

“… first-press CD+DVD, a regular press CD+DVD, and a regular press CD-only.

1. Gee
2. Gee [Korean Version] 3. Gee [without main vocal]

The DVD will contain:

1. Gee (Music Video)
2. Gee (Dance Video)

The First Press Limited Edition will come with some bonuses which are a DVD that includes both the PV & Dance Shot along with 1 of 9 trading cards and a photo booklet.

The Limited Edition will only come a bonus of a DVD that includes the PV (no dance version).


The regular version is just the CD.”

cr: livejournal