Here they are: the weekly MuBank performances to kick off the weekend, along with (often unfunny) six-word commentaries from yours truly.

Comebacks/Debuts this week: TRAX (“Oh My Goddess”); Dalmation (“Round 1”).

FT Island: “LOVE LOVE LOVE” – Thank God for Hongki’s new hair.

Taeyang: “I’ll Be There” – Overuse of MR unfortunate; nothing new.

Narsha feat. Sunny Hill: “Mamma Mia” – Want Narsha’s hoodie. LOOK THE COLORS!

Sistar: “Shady Girl” – Cutesy 2NE1 lookalike? *runs from Blackjacks*

Secret: “Madonna” – New favorite song of the season.

TRAX: “Oh My Goddess” – Weak song structure; catchy as hell.

Homme (2AM’s Changmin/Lee Hyun): “I Was Able To Eat Well” – Sounds country; not a bad thing.

Wheesung: “I Even Thought of Marriage” – Um, relevance of backup dancers’ midriffs?

G.NA: “Supa Solo” – Thought she was Taemin at beginning.

D-NA: “Nobody…Anybody” – Pitchiness not warranted by simple choreography.

Dalmation: “Round 1” – Cutesy and spotsy Big Bang Jr?

Rainbow: “A” – Ponytails = impressively high. Performance lackluster otherwise.

Goofy: “Foolish Love” – Kind of cool; worth a listen.

JQT: “No Need To Know” – Outfits make no sense; confusion ensues.

Homme wins K-Chart for the week: