Beginning September 6th, both Lee Hyori and Won Bin will have CFs promoting competing brands of premium rice cookers hitting the airwaves in Korea.  The CF Queen Hyori has a contract with Cuchen to  promote their premium rice cookers with her lively and friendly image.  Won Bin is hawking rice cookers for Cuckoo Homesys with his “Won Bin’s Cuckoo Pink Rose” CFs.

A rice cooker might seem insignificant, but to any family with Asian roots it’s an everyday necessity.  You can never fully appreciate the wonder that is a rice cooker unless you have ever had to cook rice on the stove top (which is a pain in the butt).  The models that Hyori and Won Bin are promoting are not your ordinary rice cookers either, but premium models with computers that can be programmed to do a variety of things and cost a few hundred dollars.

In the battle over Korean housewives’ won who do you think will win?  The sexy Hyori that many dream to be like, or the handsome Won Bin that many just dream of?

cr:  Newsen, EBN, YituDay, SportsKorea