And, apparently everyone wants a YG Life.  Today, YG Life the promised intimate blog from YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk went live, and then died.  Fans of the YGE Family which includes the likes of Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, and JinuSean must have been super excited to see the inner workings of YGE because soon after the site (in the news reports there was another site listed, but it redirects to went live, it blew up, and died.  After several hours, the site is still unavailable.

On the site Yang Hyun Suk was going to share insider information and news about all your favorite YG Family members.  The most talked about info on the site today (when it was still up) was information about the comeback of 2009’s rookies of the year 2NE1.  Revealed today were the secret comeback looks and hairdos of Bom, CL, Minzy, and Dara through pics, the tracklist for their new album To Anyone, and a video message from the Black Eyed  2NE1’s sophomore album includes 12 tracks: 6 new songs; 3 of which will be the title tracks “Can’t Nobody”, “Go Away”, and “Clap Your Hands”;  “I’m Busy”, “It Hurts”, and “Love is Ouch”; 4 previously released singles “You and I”, “Please Don’t Go”, “Kiss”, and “Try to Follow Me”; and two remixes, a reggae remix of “I Don’t Care” and the English version of “Can’t Nobody.”

Hopefully, the blog will be able to overcome whatever issues took it down today so that fans can get their daily dose of YG Family Life.  I’m not sure if this is legit because there was no mention of it in previous reports, but there is also a brand new YG-Life Facebook Page out there.

cr:  Newsen, Osen, StarNews